Free Annual Credit Report Online

What is included in a free annual credit report?

Annual credit reports contains information about you. They list details of your current and past credit items, including information about how much you have borrowed, what your monthly payments are and details how well you have kept up with your repayments.

Annual Credit Report

Do annual free credit reports and the government searches hold the same info?

Yes, there are 3 main annual credit report service providers within the UK and they all provide annual credit report score information to UK lenders, public service providers and insurance companies alike.

Can I change the information held in my annual free credit report?

You can get annual credit report uk info online - View your reference file and if it is incorrect request that it be corrected by contacting either the company that registered it incorrectly or by writing directly to the annual credit report service provider directly.

What are the benefits of regularly checking your UK annual credit report information?

By making a regular visit to the free online annual credit report service, you can help yourself to avoid being a victim of identity theft or credit fraud. The annual credit report online information is updated every 30 days, so keeping a monthly check on your personal file will help you to avoid credit fraud attempts.

Is a claimed “annual credit report free” of charge really free?

Some are some are NOT! We only provide a annual credit report score on a totally free of charge basis!

BEWARE – Some annual credit report websites claim to offer this type of service, but ask you to complete your bank or credit card details and charge you later.

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